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About Us


OSEE is a non-partisan, community-based grassroots network of volunteers advocating for the preservation and improvement of emergency evacuation capacity  in the event of wildfire near Orinda, California.



  • EDUCATE about state, regional and local guidelines and laws related to new development and wildfire evacuation.

  • ALERT and ENGAGE those who may be affected by a reduction in capacity of evacuation routes or by an increase in evacuation constraints.


EMPOWER with knowledge and tools to engage in government processes.

  • Provide data and resources

  • Share “how-to” instructions

  • Network and build relationships

  • Reach out via social media, on-line meetings, etc.

  • Collaborate on related efforts and generously share results



  1. Prioritize the preservation of life.

  2. Support housing as a basic right.

  3. Fight for truly affordable housing.

  4. Preserve the quality of life in our communities.

  5. Achieve smart and balanced growth.

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